Black Crow (revisited)

Black Crow (revisited)

Featuring Natalie Gelman

Natalie Gelman • vocal and backing vocals

Tom Pickles • cello

Guy Jackson • arrangement, keyboards, production

In search of love and music
My whole life has been
And diving diving diving diving
Diving down to pick up on every shiny thing
Just like that black crow flying
In a blue sky

Natalie Gelman sings Black Crow, the eighth track in my Hejira revisited homage. She retells Joni’s dark story with the melody fluttering like a wild bird soaring over cellist Tom Pickles’ aggressive bowing technique. Marimbas, xylophones and sections of the orchestra complete the line up to simulate the persistent strumming of Joni Mitchells guitar. Natalie also reveals her classical training at the track end


Vocalist Natalie Gelman said:

“Joni’s Black Crow was such fun to learn and sing. Her melody feels like this wild bird flying around and being distracted by everything just like the lyrics sing about. I related to it as another singer-songwriter. My tours have often left me feeling like I’m just mastering the logistics of traveling and fluttering about exhausted on planes and highways and trains trying to keep up with myself. As an artist in this current climate it also feels like we’re constantly distracted by “every shiny thing” and have never ending to do lists.”

Cellist Tom Pickles said:

“I had a great time getting into the dark groove of this track! We experimented with a broad palette of cello techniques, from spiky short stuff to delicate harmonics and soaring melodies. It was a challenge to take on that synth solo, but I think it works great on the cello! Congratulations to Guy for a brilliant project and Natalie for her beautiful vocals which bring everything to life.”