Blue Motel Room (revisited)

Blue Motel Room (revisited)

Guy Jackson featuring Kevin Godley

Kevin Godley • vocal

Guy Jackson • arrangement, keyboards, production

Louise Golbey • backing vocals

Will Jackson • drums

I’ve got a blue motel roomWith a blue bedspreadI’ve got the blues inside and outside my headWill you still love meWhen I get back to town

My latest serving of my nonagon homage to Joni’s epic journey, Hejira, is Blue Motel Room.

Rediscover a voice from your past in Kevin Godley, ex Mockingbirds, Hotlegs, 10cc, Godley & Crème, GG/06. 

I’m not a massive fan of the blues but with Kevin’s masterful voice and the stunning backing vocals supplied by Louise Golbey, I started to echo Joni’s take on travelling from motel to motel as she crossed the US. Pushing the track along was Will Jackson on acoustic drums using brushes. I tried suggesting the performance was ‘live’ but it didn’t work so this studio recording is the one I ended up with.

The arrangement is totally keyboard based and no guitars were employed in the making of this song.

Vocalist Kevin Godley said:

“I’ve never been asked to cover a song before, so when Guy Jackson suggested I sing a Joni Mitchell one for his Hejira Revisited album I was outwardly flattered, but inwardly shitting myself, as Joni’s songs are fragile jewels of personal experience that are a galaxy away from mine. Other than that, her intimate lyrics, unique phrasing, and superhuman vocal range were telling me to forget all about it and walk away. So of course, I said yes…”