Hejira (revisited)

Hejira (revisited) album

Guy Jackson 

Hejira (revisited) is the fresh and deeply ethereal retelling of Joni original 1976 ‘Hejira’ composition.

Nine multi-genre vocalists sit within arrangements that are, surprisingly, devoid of guitars. Instead, piano, tuned percussion and various instruments of the orchestra tell the nine travel-weary stories.

1) Coyote (revisited)
Gemma Kirk vocals and BVs

2) Amelia (revisited)
Laura James vocals and BVs

3) Furry sings the Blues (revisited)
Shahid Abbas Khan vocals, Robin Christian bansuri flute, Will Jackson drums

4) A Strange Boy (revisited)
Louise Golbey vocals and BVs

5) Hejira (revisited)
Julia Fordham vocals and BVs, BJ Cole pedal steel, Robin Porter sax, Will Jackson drums and percussion

6) Song for Sharon
Sally Barker vocals

7) Black Crow (revisited)
Natalie Gelman vocals and BVs, Tom Pickles cello

8) Blue Motel Room (revisited)
Kevin Godley vocals, Louise Golbey BVs, Will Jackson drums and percussion

9) Refuge of the Roads (revisited)
Jon Baker vocals, Davy Spillane low whistle, Steve Pretty flugelhorn 

Arranged, recorded and produced by Guy Jackson

Final mix and mastering Will Jackson

Music and lyrics Joni Mitchell

Vocalist Jon Baker said:

“Being a big fan of this album, It took me a while to get over the worry that I could ever do the song justice. So, after a bit of procrastination, I tried a couple of approaches – eventually settling on trying just to sing the song in a single take in the most natural part of my voice and not attempting  to emulate Joni’s unmatchable phrasing. Then, just ‘feeling’ the lyrics, it became fun.”