Refuge of the Roads (revisited)

Refuge of the Roads (revisited)

Featuring Jon Baker

Jon Baker • vocals

Davy Spillane • low whistle

Steve Pretty • flugelhorn

Guy Jackson • arrangement, keyboards, production

I met a friend of spiritHe drank and womanizedAnd I sat before his sanityI was holding back from cryingHe saw my complicationsAnd he mirrored me back simplifiedAnd we laughed how our perfectionWould always be denied

And finally, Refuge of the Roads (revisited) is released. The ninth and concluding track in my Joni homage features the baritone voice of Jon Baker accompanied by Davy Spillane on low whistle and Steve Pretty on flugelhorn.


Vocalist Jon Baker said:

“Being a big fan of this album, It took me a while to get over the worry that I could ever do the song justice. So, after a bit of procrastination, I tried a couple of approaches – eventually settling on trying just to sing the song in a single take in the most natural part of my voice and not attempting  to emulate Joni’s unmatchable phrasing. Then, just ‘feeling’ the lyrics, it became fun.”