Song for Sharon (revisited)

Song for Sharon (revisited)

Guy Jackson featuring Sally Barker

Sally Barker • vocal

Guy Jackson • arrangement, keyboards, production

When we were kids in Maidstone Sharon
I went to every wedding in that little town
To see the tears and the kisses
And the pretty lady in the white lace wedding gown

My guest vocalist for Song for Sharon is Sally Barker who is well known on the folk music scene. Treat your ears with Sally’s vocal interpretation of Song for Sharon (revisited) with her impressive vocal range and stunning control.

This is one of the longest songs on Joni’s Hejira album and it provided me, as the arranger, with several problems. I really needed to make sure there was a wide range of dynamics behind Sally’s powerful voice using several woodwind instruments to float above the hypnotic drum-machine beat and the vibes, glockenspiels and chugging marimbas. Silky strings gradually introduce themselves as do the backing vocalists.

The arrangement is totally keyboard based and no guitars were employed in the making of this song.

Vocalist Sally Barker said:

“Re-interpreting iconic work like Joni Mitchell’s ground-breaking Hejira is a bold move. However, I’m thrilled to be part of Guy’s re-imagined ‘Song For Sharon’ and to assist in breathing new expression into its wonderful narrative.”